The Tunisian National Social Security Fund ( Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale CNSS ) is a public establishment endowed with civil personality status and financial autonomy. The Fund is managed by a board of governors consisting of a General Manager and eleven administrators representing the Central Administration and the Trade Union, Employers' and Labour Organisations. The National Social Security Fund (CNSS) is organised into:

  • Central structures;
  • Regional structures:

    42 Regional and Local Offices,
    6 Polyclinics,
    1 Orthopaedic Equipment Centre.

The Fund manages a number of social security schemes for the benefit of the national insurance contributors from the private sector. It counts (as of the year 2008) a body of 2 024 671active social insurance contributors distributed as per scheme as follows:

  • The non agricultural workers' scheme;
  • The agricultural workers' scheme;
  • The improved (supplemented) agricultural workers' scheme;
  • The non salaried workers' scheme in the agricultural and non agricultural sectors;
  • The Tunisian overseas workers' scheme.
  • The low income workers' scheme.
  • The artists, creators and intellectuals' scheme.

In addition, the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) manages the services provided under the social security bilateral agreements signed with thirteen countries.

As regards the employers, their number (as of the year 2008) counted 151462 contributors, distributed as per scheme as follows:

  • The non agricultural workers' scheme;
  • The agricultural workers'scheme;
  • The improved (supplemented) agricultural workers' scheme.
  • The low income workers' scheme.

The Fund also provides social security for the students enrolled in public and private university institutions. The social insurance contributors and their entitled dependants benefit, according to the schemes, from the social services outlined under the following sections:

1 - The family services which comprise:

The family allowances (child benefit); the supplement for a single wage; maternity allowances; and allowance for young worker's holiday.

2 - The social insurance benefits which comprise:

  • Cash benefits: death allowances and capital payement on death;
  • Services in the polyclinics of the Fund;

3 - old-age pensions, invalidity pensions, and survivors' pensions
The Fund provides pensions and allowances (for old-age, invalidity and survivors') under the social security schemes in the private sector. The number of pensioners counted (as of the year 2008) 490.923 persons.

4 - Other services:

The Fund also grants loans (for housing, for car purchase, personal loans, and university loans).

The mission of the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) also extends to participation in the national development endeavour and in the national effort to combat poverty, and this mainly through:

  • Ensuring the management of the Guarantee Fund for Maintenance (alimony) and Divorce Allowance whose beneficiaries counted 2 045 as of the year 2008;
  • Offering a contribution to the National Programme of Assistance to Needy Families, while ensuring the management of the said programme that provides for some 115 794 families as of the year 2008;
  • Granting aid to works who have lost their job for reasons beyond their control. The number of beneficiaries of such aid amounts to 6 093persons (as of the year 2008).

The CNSS (National Social Security Fund) web site has been developed in two versions ( Arabic and French ). It includes the subject headings (items) outlined in the following plan



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